School Days: Summer 2017 Release!

A CO-OPERATIVE TILE GAME™ School’s out but “School Days“ is in! A new Co-operative Tile Game™ for kids, 7 to adult! Buy It now in our on-store. INSPIRATION: When I drove the local school bus over country roads, my biggest challenge was to watch for the roads closed because of bad weather causing huge pot holes and sometimes sink holes. OBJECT: Pick up the students, … Learn More

Emergency Treatment Center

The Waiting Room is full! The Ambulance has arrived! Get a bed ready in Emergency, bring in the special treatment cart! Yes, just another day in the E.T.C. We are a team of Doctors and Nurses handling various patients with injuries who come into the Emergency Treatment Center. How many will we be able to treat within our 8-hour work shift? Everybody, if we work … Learn More

TAXI! hits the streets at a summer sale price!

Taxi! - 1 to 8 Players, Ages 9 to Adult TaxiClick for a larger image Everyone is a driver working for the Yellow Bird Taxi Company. Each driver takes a shift driving the Taxi, doing your best for the company and leaving the Taxi in good shape for the next driver. The object of the game is to deliver as many of the 15 customers as you can to their destinations, and earn as much money as you can. The game ends in one of two ways. All the customers get delivered, or your taxi gets hauled off the road with too many Demerit Points against it. There's lots to do before the night is over besides just delivering fares to their destinations. Events are happening all over the city, while there are speeding tickets to deal with, grabbing that necessary cup of coffee when you get tired, getting through traffic jams, past construction sites, watching out for thieves, keeping an eye on the gas gauge, fixing failing brakes. It will be a night to remember, no matter what happens! Includes: 17 x 17" board, Yellow Bird Taxi card, sets of where, event, special places and gear cards, money, taxi mover, pawn, daily record card, rules for easy and hard games. © 1998 Our customers say: "A quick moving game with several ingenious play mechanisms. Something for the younger player, and plenty for the adult as well."

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! We’ve got some extra TAXI! games, so we are putting on a Summer Sale! at $19.80 Canadian that’s just around $15US! In this exciting, fast-paced game there’s lots to do before the night is over besides just delivering fares to their destinations. Events are happening all over the city, while there are speeding tickets to deal with, grabbing that necessary cup of coffee … Learn More

“The wolf shall dwell with the lamb…” Peaceable Places for all ages

Peaceable Places: A CO-OPERATIVE GAME FOR ALL AGES THREE GAMES IN ONE! “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard with the goat,and the calf and the lion together, and the cow and bear shall feed,and the child shall play with the snake.” ISAIAH 11: 5 – 8. OBJECT Players help realize the beautiful Promise that a time will come when Love will overcome Fear and all Creatures will live together in Peace and not hurt or destroy each other anymore. CONTENTS 12×12”Board, 36 Cards ( Fear, Love,Prophecy, Various Creatures & Child), Rules for ALL AGES, 5 to 7, 7 to 12 and 12 to Adult. Children can grow with the game. “As a young boy and even today, I remain touched by this deeply meaningful Promise.” Jim

Thanks for your patience. The next new game is here! As I write, PEACEABLE PLACES, promised last month, is being assembled behind me. It has evolved into a Multi-Age game, suitable for 4 to 7, 7 – 12, 12 to adult, with separate pieces and rules for each age level. I favor putting all the versions in one edition, rather than milking them with separate … Learn More

Blues Away! A New Marble Game Spin-off

Blues Away - A CO-OPERATIVE STRATEGY GAME © 2016, Jim Deacove THE IDEA Taking turns, players use the Yellow marble to jump and remove as many of the Blue marbles as they can. Some logic, some intuition, lots of brainwork, because no Luck is involved. CONTENTS Special Board with 50 nests, 1 Yellow Happy Days Marble, 20 The Blues Marbles, and Rules for Solitaire and Partner Play. AGES 7 to Adult PLAYERS Alone or Two WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts Not for children under 3 years

Last time I wrote I was crying the Blues about losing our steady supply of marbles for the Yin Yang game. After redesigning Yin Yang with disks I had solved that problem, but then I really did have the Blues, lots of leftover blue marbles, that is. My solution? Blues Away! A Cooperative Strategy Game™ for 2 players, aged 7 and up. Also included are rules for solitaire play. Taking … Learn More

New design for Yin Yang Strategy Game

Yin-Yang: IDEA: Has the feel of games like Checkers, but with a co-operative twist. Jumping pieces without killing. My moves helping me & you or both of us going nowhere. OBJECT: Move the black and yellow discs to create the yin yang symbol of spaces in the middle of the board . AGES: 7 to adult PLAYERS: For 2. with Bonus solitaire version included. CONTENTS: 12x12" Board, Turn Marker, 22 Wooden Discs (4 Blue Discs, 9 Yellow Discs, 9 Black Discs), Rules. "Having a third color allows for neat creative combinations." Jim

I had a problem. My supplier of Chinese Checker plastic marbles, ½ inch, had closed. I’d been trying to locate a new one, but had had no luck. A few places in China make them, but are selling them for 5 cents each US $. If you are familiar with my Yin Yang game that uses these marbles, you will know that paying that much … Learn More