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Looking over my own current favourite games to play with friends, I see that Card Games occupy the most space. Quick to explain. A variety of themes. Small enough to take on trips. And when on trips a fun way to meet new friends in a cordial atmosphere.Last month, we were vacationing near Georgian Bay and on my morning hike, I met two 12 yr old girls coming from the Recreation Center and heading back to their “condo” as they called it.

In their hands were some games they had loaned. SORRY and MONOPOLY. The classics.In the interests of both self-promotion and the saving of their friendship,I loaned them a couple of my card games, LET’S MAKE PIZZA and SPEEDY PARCEL. At the end of their stay at the resort, they thanked me for all the fun they had, both with themselves and with their parents, who joined in. The parents had passed on the classics. “Never liked games much” was their feedback. Adult converts to gaming!!!

1 to 6 players, Ages 6 to Adult Click for a larger image The game begins with a Random Universe arrangement. Players, using their Wits, Imaginations and Control Cards, try to create an Ordered Universe of Life and Form. The beautifully illustrated cards represent various concepts that alone provide much to think and dream about. Play solitaire or with others, sharing ideas and strategies in a friendly, challenging way. This game also includes The Collection, a booklet of 40 more fun and easy-to-learn co-op card games for the same deck. For ages 5-9, try Memory, Swami, or Triples; for ages 7-12, try Peace, Zoot or Melds; for teens and adults, try Quota, Co-op Crib or Quilter's Delight. Whether used for socials, family evenings, educational purposes, workshops, stimulating mental challenges or just plain fun, The Collection greatly extends the play value of these cards. © 1984, 1996 Our customers say: "My wife and I are addicted to playing your co-operative cribbage." — Utah, USAGalaxy – best deal…collection of 100 co-operative card games for all ages
Let’s Make Pizza – the oven is getting hot, team work required to assemble the ingredients and fill the orders
Speedy Parcel – speed around the neighborhood to deliver parcels…flat
tires and bulldogs can be trouble.

Aunty Ruth's Apples 2 to 4 Players, Ages 4 to 7 Click for a larger image Aunty Ruth sends us into her Orchards to gather Apples, fill the boxes and bring them to her little Store by the Highway, where lots of people stop by. There are 4 different Apples to pick. Aunty Ruth wants some to sell for Eating, some for making Cider & Juice, some for Baking and some for Sauces. Each player spins to see from which Orchard to pick apples. But watch out for the wormy ones or those chewed up by deer! When everyone has had a turn at the spinner, we help to fill as many of the different boxes as we can with the apples we picked, and count up how many different boxed collections we managed to finish. Then Aunty Ruth pays our Crew for the work done. Thus, our math skills of adding and dividing get some practise. Apple picking is indeed hard work, but really worthwhile. Includes: 35 cards, spinner, store charts, rules. © 200Aunty Ruth’s Apples – help out the orchard harvest, learn about the different apples for different uses and get paid for your work.
Early Years – for the really young, a collection of card games about numbers, letters, animals and story telling.

Birds of Summer - 2 to 6 players, Ages 7 to Adult Click for a larger image A Co-operative Card Game™. Players are parent Birds trying to save their Baby Birds from Predators such as Hawks and Cats. The cards provide 6 Places for Nests, 6 Birds, 6 Predators and 6 Kinds of Food. All the action takes place on the Neighborhood Chart. Predator Dangers are placed near the Neighborhood. Places to make Nests are played first, then Nests, then Food for each Nest, which attracts a Predator. Will we, the parent Birds, be able to chase away the Predator? Clever play will make all the difference, as we talk over our plans and make careful choices, with each player making an important contribution. This game is exciting and educational: memory, math and problem solving skills are nurtured as well. Includes: 35 cards, neighborhood chart, rules. © 2006Birds of Summer – birds, babies, predators
Farmers Market – let’s go shopping and sample the goodies on offer.
Let’s Go Digging – archaeology for kids

Let's Go Touring - 2 to 6 Players, Ages 10 to Adult, dedicated to seniors Click for a larger image A co-operative card game about Bus Tours. The game that dares to ask: "How was your vacation?" We take a Bus Tour and let the Driver do the driving while we sit back, relax, enjoy the Stopovers and gather Memorable Moments of our Trip. After three Long Stopovers we head for Home, and compare our most memorable sweet and sour moments. Includes: 21 travel trip cards, 55 sweet and sour memorable moments cards, album chart and rules. © 2009 Designer note: "Based on the many Senior Bus Tours Ruth and I have taken. Lots of sweet moments, a few sour ones too. Pack your bags, and let's get touring!" — JimLet’s Go Touring – for adult conversation..the game that dares to talk about vacations we have had.
Sahara Search – no, not a war game about the Middle East, but a gentle search of the sands for valuable antiquities.
Then There Were None – you are tired of just fun, fun and want some mental nourishment…try saving endangered species

GROUP – teachers, church groups needing card games to stimulate thought..
Choices - 4 to 24 players, Ages 12 to Adult Click for a larger image A values oriented, moral dilemma game of discussion and evaluation of challenges that an individual encounters from childhood to old age. The situations and questions appear on cards with choices to make. Players can create their own responses and more situations to enter into the game. Any group that gathers for some learning about living will find this game a useful tool to stimulate values discussion in a non-competitive framework. Includes: 14 x 18" play pad, 4 sets of questions, for childhood, adolescence, middle years and old age, mover, die, game, complete rules. © 1976Choices – a values game about making moral choices
First Impressions – let’s get to know one another…what makes us
think..what makes us laugh.
Not An Island – talking and writing about how to get back to our Time
Together – we form tribes and try to make friends and lasting peace

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